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Dissociated Landscapes

Jun - Sep 2023

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Dungeons & Dragons
Academic Games
Industrial Design
Oct 2015 - Aug 2016

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June 2017 - October 2018
Game Designer
Sep 2016 - May 2017
Game Designer

Core Responsibilities

▫ Bring to fruition the game's vision established by the creative director

▫ 3C Design and balance

▫ System Design of itemization and item game loops

▫ Item design and balance

▫ A.I Design and balance


Secondary responsibilities

▫ Narrative writing for item flavor text

▫ UI Design for core menu panels, creation and integration

▫ Creation and maintenance of design and balancing documentation for the team

▫ Management of team's JIRA boards, sprint goals, daily Scrum master, organizer of weekly build reviews

▫ Store page design and forum manager

Starting Area
First Boss: Golem
Chair Jockey
Oct 2015 - Aug 2016

► User Interface
▫ Prototype UI mock-ups and final visual and function-ready layouts for game menus such as Home, Lobby, Loadout screens.
▫ Design, create and implement array of new game icons such as Weapons, Functions, portraits, and all of game UI assets (windows frames, backgrounds, fills, etc).
▫ Design, create and implement array of UI VFX and animated Tweens to create polished visuals in coherence with game mindset.
▫ Accountable for the global design of UI navigation flow through the design and creation of navigational charts and support illustrations.
▫ Design game's in-menu notification notification system linked with character progression.
▫ Design, create and implement tutorial sequence alongside all visual UI assets and content.
▫ Provide UX guidance.

► Cinematics

▫ Design, create and implement quality third person in-game cinematics and script them into the flow of the game. Around 30 different multiplayer-ready cinematics have been implemented.
▫ Assemble gameplay footage and narrative sequences with AI actors, cameras, props, VFX, VOs using Unity3D tools such as uSequencer and Cinema Director.
▫ Creation and implementation of actor state-machines for cutscene use.
▫ Accountable for artistic composition, framing and all related camera work for all cutscenes in the game, in collaboration with environment artists, VFX artist and animation.
▫ Collaborate with environment artists, animators and programmers on the cutscene process and streamline, debug and create integration tools for the game's cutscene pipeline.
▫ Design and craft polished in-game cinematics under a tight deadline for exclusive marketing promotional purposes.

► Narrative Writing
▫ Collaborate with Lead Game Designer to contribute to the overall story value by writing character dialogs, scene narrative scripts, voice conceptualization, etc.
▫ Design mock-ups of promotional in-game cinematic footage sequences to fit precise voice-over scripts.

Jun 2015 - Sep 2015
Quality Assurance & Integration
Hero Thora
Hand-Drawn Art
Vethrfolnir and the Nameless Eagle

 ► Quality Assurance
▫ Report and account for all issues in all fields covering the product's shipment quality such as game and design functionality, user experience and performance optimization.
▫ Depending on the nature of the issue, either fix it directly in the game engine and elaborate effective fixing methods to cover similar issues and to meet project deadlines and milestones, or report the issue to its respective department in case of higher complexity.
▫ Review and fix issues from closed alpha and beta feedback.

► Level Design
▫ Integrate game environment assets in accordance with level design and art direction.
▫ Establish passes in world areas (collisions, tutorial sequences, world events, spawn points, etc).

Jan 2015 - Apr 2015
Team Lead

 ► Design
▫ Establish and convey the game's direction to the team

▫ Manage project macro goals and priorities

▫ 3C Design and implementation

▫ UI/UX Design and implementation

▫ Tutorial design and implementation

▫ Map design and implmentation

▫ Gameplay and progression design and implementation

▫ Implemented majority of the environment art

 ► Programming
▫ 3Cs

▫ Inventory management system

▫ Shop trading system

▫ HUD, Tally, etc.

▫ Global game flow

▫ Audio integration

Menu Beauty View
Gameplay to Turret Shop View
Spending Skulls for Gear
World UI for Shop
Camp Low Eagle View
Turret Shop
Gear Shop
Map Overview
Lane path
Village Belvedere
Village Cemetary
Village Stairs
Lower Village
Respawn Cemetary
Tutorial: Map
Tutorial: Overpower
Tutorial: Enemies
Tutorial: Dieing
Tutorial: Turret
Tutorial: Gear
Tutorial: Controls
Tutorial: Crystal
Tutorial: Splitscreen & UI
Split screen 2
Game dev
Fog of War (2 weeks, team of 4)
Procedural strategy tabletop, 4 players FFA
Board Overview
War Banners
Detail View
Map Structures and Pawn slots
Piece cuts started on Rhino3D
WarFace (2 months, solo)
World of Warcraft addon
Examples of the UI window
Example of a good match
Example of a bad match
Nick Yee's research
Physical Expo stand
Workshop (2 weeks, team of 3)
Strategy card game, 4 players FFA
Physical game
Hand example
The Board
Card spread
Instructions Page1
Instructions Page2
Instructions Overview
Instructions Overview 2
Angry Beards (2 weeks, team of 3)
Tactical board game, 3v1
Don't Bother Balltazar (2 weeks, solo)
2D Sidescroller, Singleplayer
Runes of Arcana (solo, 2 weeks) 
Singleplayer, puzzle, FPS
Example of cards
Character pucks
The Board
Card spread
Instructions overwview
Instructions page1
Instructions page2
Visual of Ardoise
Soul Fountain
Last boss
Eat baby baseball souls
Final area
Final area
Example of a soul payment
Ballthazar sprite sheet
NPC sheet
Sprite sheet
Tome of Arcana
Starting platforms
Rune puzzle
Platforming to final area
Final area
Global path view

29 years old French developer working at Ubisoft Montreal.

Creating lasting fun and player-centric game systems are what drive me on a daily basis.

I aspire to produce great gameplay, positive experiences and working with incredible people who are as passionate and diligent as I apply myself to be on a daily basis.

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