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Sr. UX Designer @ Blizzard Entertainment
Unannounced Survival Game
Irvine, California 

Hi there, I'm Stephane and I'm a French designer currently in Irvine, California but will be moving back to Montreal in the following weeks.


I've been in the industry since 2015 and started off in indie studios where I've learned to wear many hats. Quality control, UI/UX, game design and level design, I've worked in multiple creative areas of game development and on multiple game engines.

I adapt and learn very quickly, tools are a mean to an end. I strive to be pro-active, open discussions, and address problems. 

My peers would say that I am the type of colleague that is very focused, usually serious but not without an undercarpet of goofiness.

I am a hardcore gamer at heart and aspire to make others live memorable and worthwhile experiences.

Latest updates:

Jan. 20th '22: R6E access

Nov. 8th '21: WoW Fan UI

Oct. 30th '21: Rainbow Six Extraction work 

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