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Sr. UX Designer @ Beenox | Activision
Call of Duty: Warzone
Montreal, Canada

Hi there, I'm Stephane and I'm a French designer based in Montreal, Canada.


I've been in the industry since 2015 and started off in indie studios where I've learned to wear many hats. Quality control, UI/UX, game design and level design, I've worked in multiple creative areas of game development and on multiple game engines.

I adapt and learn very quickly, tools are a mean to an end. I strive to be pro-active, open discussions, and address problems. 

My peers would say that I am the type of colleague that is very focused, usually serious but not without an undercarpet of goofiness.

I am a hardcore gamer at heart and aspire to make others live memorable and worthwhile experiences.

Latest updates:

Jan. 20th '22: R6E access

Nov. 8th '21: WoW Fan UI

Oct. 30th '21: Rainbow Six Extraction work 

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