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Wedding Celebration of


September 15th 2024

For those who only know one of us

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Ashley and Stephane met in 2020 and their first date was at IKEA Boucherville to get the important topics (interior design) out of the way first. On a regular week you can find them in one of Montreal's hearty restaurants, dragonboating, getting bubbletea or playing with their cat Nestea at home.


Ashley XiaoHui Zhou

Call me Ashley if you are not sure how to pronounce Xiaohui. It can take more than one semester to get the sound right. Graduated in Music program because I believed there would be less writting to do, and I was wrong. Navigated in an extensive variety of  fields and landed in IT project management. I enjoy the stress that made me better at variety of things such as beat Stephane in a game that he played for 20 years within a few months. If you don't see stress on my face it's because of the poker-face in my Asian heritage.

What I love most about Stephane is his magnificent eyelashes.

Stephane Rongren Cui

After an endless voyage of many moons in the eastern lands of Korea, China, and the less-eastern one of France, I, a not-so-young-anymore knight have settled in the kingdom of Canada to grow my roots to prolong my dynasty.

Of Chinese and French descent, I was guided towards engineering by thy’s genitors but fate had other plans for me, down the path of video game design to win my daily bread.

No matter the challenge, no matter the peril, as the sun sets in the west, I wash off my mortal struggles of the day with feverish sessions of World of Warcraft.


What I love most about Ashley is how incredibly rational and wise she is, until we walk by a bubble tea shop and we suddenly have bubble tea for the next 3 days.

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