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June 2017 - October 2018

Tuque Games // Wizards of the Coast


Slay Together. Join up to 4 friends, online or on the couch, and battle iconic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons in a new co-op action RPG set in Icewind Dale.


I was a game designer on the project and contributed to the initial direction and vision of the game on areas such as core progression systems, camera, level design ingredients, cutscene pipeline, and more key features to get the project set for production. I also spent some time working on the AI design of the game's first bossfight.

Towards the end of my stay at the studio, I was slowly shifting towards a level design role as I grew very fond of the constantly improving pipeline and tools we were developping and of the creative possibilities I would have in the D&D universe. 

I also worked on the game's genesis versions of menus, HUD, and visual tech for the future.

Few old HUD and menu mockups that I designed and implemented into the build using Unreal Marketplace assets.

Since it's been a while (2-3 years) since I've made these, I take it the game has changed since then but at the time these helped us in creating the overall game UI and flow structure, providing a clear framework as to how we would sort our content.

The project and studio was later bought by Wizards of the Coast and they also revealed the game last year so I suppose things are going good.

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