September 2014 - April 2015

University of Montreal

Please enjoy these few game projects I've worked on during my game design studies. These were very formative, both technically and creatively, they validated very early my love for game development.

I was the lead of a team of 4 and we had around 3 months to develop a game with a viable loop, and we chose to make Overpowered, a 2-player tower-defense and third-person hack'n'slash hybrid (that's a mouthful). The player has to defend the base's core from recurring AI waves, collect their skulls and buy gear to get stronger or built defense turrets; when the players are ready, they can "overpower" the core which will force intense enemy swarms to attack. If the core survives this phase, the players win.

Game design aside, I designed and implemented the game's menus, HUD, interaction systems with NPC shops, and tutorials.

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